Room by Room Decluttering Services



My name is Adrienne Gallant.

Welcome to Room by Room a space clearing,  decluttering home and office organizing service.   I welcome a free phone consultation so that we together can discuss your needs as well as the best time to meet and get started.  I travel throughout the North and South West offering my services.

I recognize that this is a huge step in  ‘letting go’  and together we can start with baby steps until you are comfortable to jump…we have to jump before we can fly and fly you will…

The enormous amount of freedom you will experience  from letting stuck energy move on will make you soar

Together we will be clearing the space to allow new and wonderful experiences to occur…some beyond your dreams ! We can start with a drawer or a closet and move on from there…


We will work within your comfort level as I do understand you think that  “things”  hold some of your identity.   “Things”  are ok to own…as many as you want.  What is  not ok is if you are not enjoying your things or being able to even see them… or buying new identical objects forgetting you have the same thing “buried” somewhere.

In essence some of your true identity gets lost when  you  can’t locate what  you  are looking for or even worse allow it to take up space where no one is enjoying it… your  general clutter is zapping your energy….there may be rooms you dread going into and the reason is pure and simple…its stuck energy you are trying to avoid and that is what space clearing does-


By organizing and moving things we will move out the the stagnant energy that clutter embodies and make new and fresh space for new healthy, vibrant energy for everyone who lives in your home and all who may be quests in your home as well as your office, garage, baserment or any space with stuck energy. Your rooms can breathe at last and you will breathe better too.

Intuitive feng shui principles are observed and  age old space clearing techniques are implemented as well to achieve the best results possible so that you will end up with a peaceful and beautiful living/ working space that is a joy to be in for all even including your pets !

Please see the contact page to get started.  Am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Warm Regards,